Baker Construction Company Management Team


Baker Construction Company Management Team Baker Construction Company’s management team has 255 years of combined experience as of 2014. We are one of the oldest originally established mason contractors in Michigan. With this combined experience and history you can be assured that the project will get done correctly and on schedule. Each team member has their own specialty that they bring to the table, making us one of the most innovative mason contractors in Southeast Michigan. We have built our reputation by producing quality work with integrity and unsurpassed performance on every project.


Tim Baker, President - General Field Superintendent, Field Safety Representative


Tom Baker, Vice President - Senior Project Manager/Estimator


Soozie Baker, Safety Director, Office/ Project Manager


T.C. Baker, Project Manager/Estimator – LEED AP


Nate Baker, On-site Superintendent/Foreman


Gina Kolis, Accounting Manager


Steve Gurney, On-site Superintendent/Foreman


Bob Wischer, On Site Foreman


Jason Wagner, On site Foreman


Darin Aguinaga, On site Foreman


Evidence of Experience


  • This project team employs Baker Constructions most experienced personnel to ensure exemplary performance.


  • This team has completed numerous high profile, advanced schedule projects; which will ensure a project completed on time to the highest standard of quality.


  • On-site management has the executive power to make timely decisions on the behalf of Baker Construction to provide seamless progress and high productivity.


  • All Baker projects have been completed per project schedule, any issues have been resolved amicable prior to project closeout.


  • Baker Construction has not been involved in any litigation or arbitrations.  Baker Construction has no debarments by federal, state or local governmental units.